Wincheap Foundation

Primary School

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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Mrs DawsonHeadteacher  
Mrs KokleDeputy Headteacher / Teacher Year 2KS1 Leader; Curriculum Lead;
Mr SutcliffeAssistant Headteacher / Teacher Year 5KS2 Leader; Finance & Premises; 14
Miss BennettTeacher Year R EYFS Lead1
Mrs BennettTA Year R 1
Mrs WilesTeacher Year R 2
Mrs SwainTeacher Year R 2
Mrs DavisTA Year R 2
Mrs ClarkeTA Year R 2
Mrs HopkinsTeacher Year 1RE; British Values; RSE Team3
Miss LathamApprentice TA 3
Miss TerryApprentice TA 4
Miss KirbyTeacher Year 1Medical Needs4
 Mrs RuleTA Year 1 4
Miss ChambersTeacher Year 1 RSE Team Leader; Dance 
Mrs ClearyTeacher Year 2English Lead5
Mrs ChickTA Year 2 5
Miss CullenApprentice TA 5
Miss DawsonTeacher Year 2Schools Direct6
Mrs SparksTA Year 2Cover Supervisor & After School Club Manager6
Mr DoyleTeacher Year 3Wellbeing8
Mrs BrockmanTA Year 3 8
Mrs WellerTeacher Year 3Music Lead9
Mrs HuttonTeacher Year 3 9
Mrs ShawTA Year 3 9
Miss KempTA Year 3  9
Mrs LesterTeacher Year 4Science Lead10
Mrs BoneTA Year 4 10
Mrs CottonTeacher Year 4 & KS2 SpanishMFL; EAL Lead11
Mrs GurdenTeacher Year 4 School Direct11
Mrs HopkinsTA Year 4 11
Mrs WattTeacher Year 5CiC Lead13
Mrs DavisTA Year 5 13
Mrs FeeneyTeacher Year 5Maths Lead14
Miss SamadTA Year 5 14
Mrs WadeTeacher Year 6Computing Lead15
Miss DavisTeacher Year 6History Lead16
Mrs SeallTA Year 6 16
Mrs HeckleyTeacher Year 6Sport & PE Lead17
Mrs RobinsonTA Year 6 17
Mrs WallaceTeacher - Speech & Language DepartmentMost-able (Gifted and Talented); Drama 18
Mrs RoyelTA - Speech & Language Department 18
Mrs FerneyhoughTA - Speech & Language Department 18
Mrs PatersonTeacher - Speech & Language Department 19
Mrs BakerTA - Speech & Language Department 19
Ms BrockmanTA - Speech & Language Department 19
Mrs BurroughsArt TeacherCreativity; Art & Design / Drama 
Mr AdkinsTeacher - Forest School   
Mrs MiddletonTeacherMaternity Leave  
Mr P SutcliffePace Sports Coach  
Mr ThomasPace Sports Coach  
Miss SharpTA Inclusion TeamCover Supervisor  
Mrs HawkerTA Inclusion Team  
Ms RoseTA Inclusion Team  
Mrs HoareSENCo  
Mrs WilsonSEND Admin Assistant  
Miss BrooksSpeech & Language Therapy Associate Practitioner  
Miss ThompsonSpeech & Language Therapist  
Mr WiffenSpeech & Language Therapist  
Mrs MorganTeam Lead, Canterbury Coastal Mainstream Schools Service  
Mr WilsonNetwork Manager  
Mr BoasICT Technician  
Mrs ColePastoral ManagerSafeguarding, Behaviour, Liaison with Parents 
Mrs LaneAttendance Officer  
Mrs WilmshurstBusiness Manager  
Miss WhitlockOffice Manager  
Mr WebberSite Manager  
Mr LamdinCaretaker  
Mrs RoseCleaner  
Mrs SimonCleaner  
Mrs BelfieldCleaner  
Miss AndersonCleaner  
Miss LynchCleaner  
Ms SnowMidday Supervisor & Cleaner  
Mrs LynchMidday, Breakfast Club & After School Club Worker  
Mrs HumphreysMidday Supervisor  
Miss AppsMidday Supervisor  
Mrs AlsopMidday Supervisor  
Miss RyderMidday Supervisor  

Juno is the Wincheap Foundation Primary School therapy dog and she has been coming into school on a Monday morning for the last three years. She belongs to Colette our school counsellor, so she is part of the therapy sessions but she is also seen in school corridors and sometimes even sneaks into classes to say hello! Juno is a five year old cocker spaniel who is very gentle, loves tummy rubs, soft toys and tennis balls! Although Juno works mainly in the therapy sessions, if the children see her around the school, they are welcome to talk to and stroke her. Therapy dogs can help to calm children and give them a confidential listening ear.