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Additional Science Resources


a) A fun art/craft project which can also teach a bit of science and maths is to make a paper twirler:


You simply cut out a spiral from paper or card - which you can decorate first - and hang it from the middle by some thread.  If you hang it above a heater (in winter anyway!) the warm air rising bounces off the spiral arms and makes it turn.  This is called a convection current.

You might have an elderly neighbour who would appreciate one of these to make their home look more colourful; otherwise, the King’s School can deliver to a care home.  Let me know!

b) And this is a lovely collection of activities for all the family:

In this example, you rub a balloon to make it static, then use the static electricity to make a can roll!






OK, as promised I had a go at making my own film of some fun “kitchen science” experiments!  Feedback welcome – and I hope that this will encourage some of our students to try making some films, and maybe your children too?