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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Name Role Responsibility
Mrs Dawson Headteacher  
Mrs Kokle Deputy Headteacher KS1 Leader; Personnel and CPD; Pupil Premium Lead; Curriculum Lead; Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Mills Assistant Headteacher SEND, TiC Speech and Language Department
Mr Sutcliffe Assistant Headteacher KS2 Leader; Assessment Leader; Lunchtimes; Year 6 Teacher
Mrs Hoare Teacher Year R Computing TLR
Mrs Rule TA Year R  
Mrs Wiles Teacher Year R Science TLR (shared); Curriculum Team; NQT Mentor
Miss Sharp TA Year R  
Miss Payne Apprentice TA Year R  
Mrs Cotton Teacher Year 1 MFL and EAL
Mrs Davis TA Year 1  
Miss Kirby Teacher Year 1 CP and Safeguarding (DSL trained)
Ms Wetherill TA Year 1  
Mrs Bennett TA Year 1  
Miss Wallace TA Year 1  
Mrs Middleton Teacher Year 2 Maths TLR
Mrs Hutchings TA Year 2  
Cover Supervisor
Mrs Hopkins (0.8) Teacher Year 2 RE, British Values, Transition KS1 to KS2; RSE Team
Mrs Seall TA Year 2  
Miss Dawson Apprentice TA Year 2  
Miss Chambers (0.4) Teacher Year 2 RSE Team Leader; Dance
Miss Pinna Teacher Year 2 Assistant SENCO
Spanish KS2 Teacher
Mrs Burroughs (0.8) Art Teacher Creativity TLR, Art and Design/Drama; Curriculum Team Leader
Mrs Stace (0.8) Music Teacher Music
Mrs Lester Teacher Year 3  Geography
Mrs Brockman TA Year 3  
Mrs Hutton (0.5) Teacher Year 3 Volunteers
Mrs Weller (0.5) Teacher Year 3 Science TLR (shared)
Mrs Dobson TA Year 3 Clark To The Governors
Cover Supervisor
Miss Ranson Teacher Year 4 Lead Mentor
Mrs Hopkins TA Year 4  
Mr Doyle Teacher Year 4 Wellbeing TLR
Mrs Smith TA Year 4  
Mrs Hawker TA Year 4  
Mrs Watt Teacher Year 5 Assistant SENCO
Mrs Ford TA Year 5  
Miss Heckley Teacher Year 5 Curriculum Team
Mrs Robinson TA Year 5   
Miss Davis Teacher Year 6  History & School Council
Mrs Gurden TA Year 6  
Attendance Officer
Mrs Sopp TA Year 6  
Cover Supervisor
Mrs Cleary Teacher Year 6 English TLR
Miss Kemp TA Year 6  
Mrs Wallace Teacher –Sp/Lang KS2 Most-able (Gifted and Talented); Drama 
Mrs Jones TA  Sp/Lang KS2  
Mrs Royel TA  Sp/Lang KS2  
Mrs Reynolds TA Sp/Lang KS2  
Mrs Nunn Teacher Sp/Lang KS1 CiC
Mrs Davis TA Sp/Lang KS1  
Mrs Baker TA Sp/Lang KS1  
Miss Sparks TA Sp/Lang KS1  
Miss Mills TA Sp/Lang  
Mr Cowell Nurture Group Teacher  
Mrs Court Nurture Group TA  
Mr Adkins Forest School Teacher  
Mrs Fagg Speech and Language Therapist  
Miss Shepherd Speech and Language Therapist  
Miss Castle Speech and Language Therapist  
Mrs Wilson SEND Admin. Assistant  
Mr Wilson Network Manager  
Mr Boas ICT Technician  
Mr Lane PE Teacher – employed by PACE Sport Premium funding  
Mrs Cole Pastoral Manager CP, Behaviour, Attendance, liaison with parents
Mrs Wilmshurst Office Manager - Finance  
Miss Whitlock Office Manager - Pupils  
Mrs Rathmill Attendance Officer  
Mr Webber Site Manager  
Mrs Rose Cleaner  
Miss Davies Cleaner and Midday Supervisor  
TA Year 4
Mrs Apps Cleaner  
Mrs Simon Cleaner and Midday Supervisor  
Mrs Belfield Cleaner and Midday Supervisor  
Mrs Kirby Midday Supervisor  
Ms Snow Midday Supervisor  
Mrs Carlton Midday Supervisor  
Mrs Hart Midday Supervisor  
Mrs Lynch Midday, Breakfast Club & After School Club Supervisor  
Mrs Humphreys Midday and Breakfast Supervisor