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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Name Role Responsibility
Mrs N Dawson Headteacher  
Mrs E Kokle Deputy Headteacher KS1 Leader; Personnel and CPD; Pupil Premium Lead; Curriculum Lead; Year 2 Teacher
Mrs A Mills Assistant Headteacher SEND, TiC Speech and Language Department
Mr K Sutcliffe Assistant Headteacher KS2 Leader; Assessment Leader; Lunchtimes; Year 6 Teacher
Mrs D Hoare Teacher Year R (NQT)  
Mrs S Euden TA Year R  
Mrs R Wiles Teacher Year R Science TLR (shared); Curriculum Team; NQT Mentor
Miss L Sharp TA Year R  
Mrs A Cotton Teacher Year 1 MFL and EAL
Mrs J Davis TA Year 1  
Miss M Kirby Teacher Year 1 CP and Safeguarding (DSL trained)
Ms C Wetherill TA Year 1  
Mrs T Bennett TA Year 1  
Mrs K Reynolds TA Year 1  
Mr R Cowell Teacher Year 2 SEND assistant
Mrs D Hutchings TA Year 2  
Mrs N Hawker TA Year 2  
Midday Supervisor
Afterschool Club
Mrs J Hopkins (0.8) Teacher Year 3 RE, British Values, Transition KS1 to KS2; RSE Team
Mrs K Seall TA Year 2  
Mrs E Rule TA Year 2  
Mrs C Schofield (0.4) Teacher Year 2  RSE Team Leader; Dance
Mrs J Burroughs (0.8) Art Teacher Creativity TLR, Art and Design/Drama; Curriculum Team Leader
Mrs L Back Art TA  
 Mrs W Stace (0.8) Music Teacher Music
Mrs E Lester Teacher Year 3  Supporting English TLR
Mrs A Brockman TA Year 3  
Mrs J Wallace Teacher Year 3 Most-able (Gifted and Talented); Drama 
Mrs R Jones TA Year 3  
Miss K Ranson Teacher Year 4 Lead Mentor; Volunteers
Mrs J Hopkins TA Year 4  
Mrs J Watt Teacher Year 4 Maths TLR
Mrs J Court TA Year 4  
Mrs D Kemp TA Year 4  
Mr M Doyle Teacher Years 3/4 CP and Safeguarding (DSL trained); Wellbeing TLR
Mr M Adkins Teacher Year 5 School Council; Curriculum Team
Mrs K Dobson TA Year 5  
Miss J Heckley Teacher Year 5 Curriculum Team
Mrs V Ford TA Year 2   
Miss C Davis Teacher Year 6  History
Mrs J Gurden TA Year 6  
Mrs H Sopp TA Year 6  
Miss R Apps Teacher Year 6 English TLR
Mrs J Robinson TA Year 4  
Miss J Loe Teacher –Sp/Lang KS2 Computing TLR; Inclusion Cycle
Mrs E Bourne TA  Sp/Lang KS2  
Mrs M Royel TA  Sp/Lang KS2  
Mrs L Nunn Teacher Sp/Lang KS1 CiC
Mrs P Davis TA Sp/Lang KS1  
Mrs E Baker TA Sp/Lang KS1  
Miss H Sparks TA Sp/Lang KS1  
Miss J Pinna   Speech and Language Dept./ Geography
Spanish KS2 Teacher
Mrs C Weller Teacher TLR cover across the school Science TLR (shared)
Mrs R Hutton Teacher
(On Maternity Leave)
Curriculum Team
Mrs A Fagg Speech and Language Therapist  
Miss K Shepherd Speech and Language Therapist  
Miss A Clarke Speech and Language Therapist  
Mrs T Smith TA SEND/TA Year 6 and Year 3  
Mrs C Wilson SEND Admin. Assistant  
Mr P Wilson Senior ICT Technician  
Mr B Boas ICT Technician  
Mr C Lane PE Teacher – employed by PACE Sport Premium funding  
Mrs A Cole Pastoral Manager CP, Behaviour, Attendance, liaison with parents
Mrs S Wilmshurst Office Manager - Finance  
Miss C Whitlock Office Manager - Pupils  
Mr R Williams Site Manager  
Mrs A Rose Cleaner  
Mrs V Rose Cleaner  
Mrs T Bennett Cleaner  
Mrs A Apps Cleaner  
Mrs M Simon Cleaner and Midday Supervisor  
Mrs S Belfield Cleaner and Midday Supervisor  
Mrs K Kirby Midday Supervisor  
Mrs A Wallis Midday Supervisor  
Mrs T Humphreys Midday and Breakfast Supervisor