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Essential information about Wincheap SLD and how we support our children with speech, language and communication needs, and associated learning difficulties:

Wincheap School is unique in it’s provision for 25 children with Special Educational Needs for speech, language and communication disorders. The children are taught within an inclusive, specialist setting, which is concerned with overcoming barriers to communication and participation in


The children have access to our NHS Speech and Language therapy team who work closely with the teaching staff in the Department to plan and implement target-based intervention, whilst supporting children to generalise these skills into their everyday interactions. They benefit from being part of the whole school community with carefully planned programmes of mainstream integration. Our approach is based on the premise that provision will always start with the consideration of the child’s needs and will remain child centred.


Some of the older children are based in mainstream classes, whilst others receive their provision in one of two, small and well-staffed classes in the Department, so that complex needs may be met and
successful outcomes optimised. Recent success includes a return to full time mainstream education for some of our pupils whose Statements of Special Educational Needs have been rescinded!

“The staff work well together to the benefit of all their pupils. Their levels of dedication and care are readily apparent to any visitor. Children are cared for and their learning needs well met in an inclusive and safe environment. The philosophy of moving the pupils forward academically as well as socially and toward mainstream is to be applauded. The Department is an invaluable aspect of Wincheap Primary’s whole school inclusive philosophy.”

Richard Dalziel - School Improvement Advisor for KCC (February 2013)

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